Our Services

Wellbeing in the office

Our mission is to enhance and maintain the wellbeing and happiness of your workforce, increase staff productivity and reduce staff absences. We offer tailor-made solutions that make this happen.

Below are a select few of the services we offer. Call now on 0333 323 1750 for a confidential chat on how we can help you empower your workforce and deliver that great feeling of wellbeing and wellness to your staff.

On Site Massage

A fabulous way to relive stress, anxiety and fatigue whilst boosting that amazing feeling of wellbeing.

Yoga / Desk Yoga

Research shows that yoga programmes consisting of stretching, breathing, and relaxation methods can reduce sickness absence due to back pain, musculoskeletal conditions and stress. Plus, it also makes you feel great.

Nutritional Education

Encourage good health amongst your workforce and create a healthy working environment. It not only improves staff morale and motivation, but it also leads to a healthier, happier workforce with less sickness absences.

Stress Management Solutions

Workplace stress doesn't just reduce productivity; it also has a negative impact on relationships with co-workers and even your boss. It's important to try to get a handle on stress before it begins to affect one's workplace productivity, health, mood and overall outlook on life.

Mental Health First Aid

1 in 4 of your workforce will experience (or are going through) mental health issues. This reduces productivity and can lead to absences. Our tailor-made mental health programs are designed to alleviate these issues, relieve stress and anxiety and boost your workforce's productivity.

Empowerment Workshops

Empowerment is defined as "the process of becoming stronger and more confident". Empowerment is based on providing employees with the resources, authority, opportunity, and motivation to do their work, as well as holding them accountable for their actions. This makes employees happier and more proficient. Empowering your employees is also a great way to improve employee engagement, maximise individual performance and retain your top talent.